Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Absent-minded Circuit Judge

In the UK, as in other places I guess, we have a system whereby judges travel around the country to hear court cases. They are well-paid and well looked after in their work.

This particular judge had to travel from London to a county court some many miles away. He was chauffeured to court along with his trusty clerk.

Arriving at the county court he settled into his chambers and suddenly realised he had completely forgotten to bring with him the main 'brief' of the case he was about to try.

He called his clerk and said: "I've forgotten the brief! What the devil can I do?"

"Fax it up Sir." said his clerk.

"Yes, it does rather ..." muttered the judge.


Argent said...

Oh, dear!!! Heheh, thanks for cheering up my Sunday evening.

The Bug said...

Heh - this sounds like one my dad would like LOL.

PhilipH said...

hi Argent and Dana, and thanks for dropping by again.

It's a bit of a joke the way some judges seem so unaware of quite common and everyday things in life. Example: "M'lud, the accused is a fan of The Beatles." The Judge asks "Who or what are The Beatles?". Sad, but true.

Barry said...

Good one Philip. Made me smile.

Jo said...


Synchronicity. You and I both posted about judges. :-)

Land of shimp said...

Oh dear!! Hehe, "When you're right, you're right..."

That was a good giggle, Philip, thank you for it.

I hope you're all keeping well.

PhilipH said...

Barry: Keep smiling - especially when those pills become too bothersome. You're an inspiration to a great many people. A fighter through and through.

Hi Jo: Synchronicity .. that's a great town, so I've heard. ;-)

Hello Milady Alane: yep, I'm doing OK thanks. Pretty sure you are too, and being kept busy by your new pet I surmise. Lucky you!

Star said...

Ho ho ho, I like a good joke.

Blessings, Star