Friday, 18 June 2010

Pheasant Snoozing

It's just gone 11 a.m. today, Friday 18th June 2010. Looking out of the sitting room window I can spot a long feather pointing upwards under the old Ash tree. I investigate: it's one of those dozy pheasants, having a sleep on the pile of grass cuttings I pile up after mowing. These birds, though quite handsome, are so stupid. We slaughter many of them as they decide to run across the road just as cars are speeding towards them. Sometimes they seem to wait for a car or lorry to come charging down the narrow country lane and then they play 'chicken'. Many of them never make it to the other side of the road, unfortunately. Anyway, these birds are always foraging around our gardens. Sometimes they'll take a fancy to some of the plants that may be growing, or they'll just scratch around for seeds and stuff. I took this video to show just a sample of Ferdy the Pheasant having a nap on a pile of grass clippings. Exciting, innit!

Monday, 7 June 2010

"Sam" on the 86 bus to Edinburgh

A visit to the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh today was brightened when I met sad-eyed Sam, the mixed breed dog on the No. 86 bus from Dalkeith to Edinburgh. I sat opposite to Sam and his mature male owner and simply had to say "Hello" to them both.

Sam has the most appealing face. His eyes, however, seemed just a little sad to me. I gently and carefully stroked his head; he seemed to appreciate the attention. His eyes now appeared to smile at me. He was such a lovely bus passenger.

Sam has this sort of 'ragamuffin' look about him. His coat is dark gray or even black in parts but generously mingled with silvery gray strands. Handsome in an understated way, in my view.

His owner told me that he'd obtained Sam from a rescue centre after his own 13-year old dog had died of a tumour about six months ago. Sam had been subjected to much abuse and beatings by his former keeper(s) and was a very nervous animal at first. A few months ago he would, according to his owner, have probably thought I was going to hit him and he might have reacted by snapping at my hand. But now he was so well behaved, quiet, gentle and obviously glad to be with a decent new owner.

What sort of sick individual could be cruel to such an appealing animal like Sam, or to any animal? It certainly makes me feel angry to think of anybody ill-treating any animals. I'd label them "Scum" - but that would be an insult to scum!

Anyway, thank you Sam for making an otherwise dreary bus journey a lot brighter for a short while. (Sorry about the racket of the bus engine!)