Saturday, 10 July 2010

Art Exhibition Mellerstain July 10th 2010

This morning my wife, Pat, and I were invited to the annual art exhibition in the basement corridors of Mellerstain House. Quite a decent crowd accepted the invitation and, as usual, it was an enjoyable hour or so. Glass of vino, nibbles and so forth, and meeting up with some faces we've not seen for a year or more!

I took a few sneaky video shots and in the first few seconds, if you're quick, you will see me, in the large hall mirror, surreptiously videoing! Pat can also be seen pointing to one of the artworks and, a few seconds later, you can spot her looking at a painting on the left wall. And finally, in the last few seconds, you'll see a shot of the old Adam bathroom. Water for this 'facility' came from a spring under the front steps to the house.

Pat has to go to Borders General Hospital this Monday for pre-admission checks prior to her admission on 26th July for a new right hip! The operation, more than four hours duration, due to be performed on 27th July. So, a bit of a scary time ahead but hopefully it will make life a good deal easier for Pat once it's all over and done with.