Thursday, 1 April 2010

Al Martino's Tribute to Luciano Pavarotti - 2007

When I was a young, and very foolish, young chap I favoured many singers, crooners and pop stars and in my top 5 was Al Martino. His great recording of "Here in My Heart" was his most successful song and one of my favourites.

Born in 1927 he carried on working into his eighties and his voice was still as strong as ever.

At age of 80 he sang Nessum Dorma, a tribute to the late great Luciano Pavarotti, in a concert in Germany, 2007.

I could not believe that this 'pop singer' could sing this operatic aria as well as he did - and at his age.

Hope you like it.


Barry said...

Alright, I'm impressed.

I saw Al Martino in concert here in Toronto back in the 60's and knew he had a great voice, but I didn't realize just how good he was.

the walking man said...

Why wasn't Pavvi singing tributes to Al Martino. His voice was so much richer than Pavarotti in this piece.

Argent said...

Wow! Al's voice is fabulous for his age.

PhilipH said...

Barry, that's the sort of concert I'd have paid plenty to see! A real singer he was, and that's for sure.

Mark, I tend to agree; at his age Al Martino put a lot of singers to shame.

Silver: you're right. I've always liked his deep strength in song.

Land of shimp said...

Holy crow! Was he a trained opera singer, Philip? Before being a pop star?

That amazing, and so seemingly effortless, which was another astounding part of that. I've seen many men sing that particular piece, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone so comfortably sing it.

It's a very stirring piece, and it always seems to take it out of the singer. Not so here, it was every bit as impressive, but without that "Please don't have a stroke." feeling that I've had in the past.

Star said...

Love that song and tune. Nice reminder, thank you.
Blessings, Star

PhilipH said...

Al Martino, (born Alfred Cini), began his singing over 40 years ago in Philadelphia with his big hit "Here In My Heart". He became the first American crooner to get to number one in the British hit parade "single" charts in 1952. He worked in the family's building business during the day but in the evenings he sang in nearby clubs and bars.

Mario Lanza had already become a celebrity and, being a family friend, encouraged Al Martino to switch to a full time musical career. He took that advice and the rest is history!

Apparently Mario Lanza was offered the chance to record "Here In My Heart". It didn't happen and so Al Martino got to record it - and what great job he made of it. It was one of the first 78rpm vinyl records I ever bought; "Jezebel" by Frankie Laine was another!

So Alane, Al was just a 'natural' and his voice was strong, right up until the last.

Stella: Thanks for popping in. Hope all goes well with you and yours right now.

Bolden said...

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