Monday, 19 April 2010

Lara Fabian - Emotion Personified

I discovered this beautiful singer, Lara Fabian, some months ago. She is now living in Canada (lucky country). I think she has also had a baby some while back.

But what a voice. What an artist. Huge vocal range and her whole being is thrust into her song - especially in this one: Je suis malade. Such a sad yet powerfully emotive song. I hope you can bear to listen to her; I find it heart-rending.


Vera said...

I agree. Wonderful singer. Went off into YouTube for a listen to her other work, so thankyou for introducing me to her music.

Barry said...

She's astonishing, Philip. Beautiful, remarkable vocal range, terrific presentation, lives and works in Canada, was the singing voice of Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame--and I'd never heard of her until now.

Some Canadian I am!

PhilipH said...

Hi Vera, thanks for dropping by. I am surprised that she is relatively 'unknown' by many of us. Her Je suis Malade has, however, some 5million plus 'hits' on youtube - which is pretty good I think.

Two other favourites of mine are Lara's rendition of 'Adagio' (by Barber) and 'Caruso' - both of which are powerful renditions.

Barry, glad you enjoyed discovering this lovely Belgian, (now naturalised Canadian) beauty. She has made some recordings in English but, imo, she seems to be just brilliant in French, or Spanish or Italian. I guess it's all to do with the sound and beauty of those languages, especially French. Hope you are jogging along nicely dear chap.

Star said...

I wish I could sing like that!
Blessings, Star

Land of shimp said...

My goodness, fortune gave to her with both hands! She's beautiful, and has a voice to match. That was lovely.

I always wonder, and I think I've said this to you, or perhaps Duta before, what was it like the day her parents realized she had such a gift? When she was little, and singing in the manner that children so effortlessly do.

If we could bottle the emotion, the pride and the joy of that moment, we'd have the cure to many an ill wouldn't we?

Instead, we have the actual voice that likely inspired just that :-)

Thanks Philip, that was a treat. Hope you're well! (and not down the well ;-)

PhilipH said...

Hi Stella, and thanks for dropping by. Hope all goes swimmingly for you.

Alane, your eloquent comment is much appreciated. I love the way you create such meaningful and apt words and thoughts, such as: "If we could bottle the emotion, the pride and the joy of that moment, we'd have the cure to many an ill wouldn't we?"

You're perfectly correct, yet again! Best wishes, Phil.