Friday, 26 March 2010

Much Ado at Mellerstain

It is now late March, 2010, time for a bit of FlipVideoing at Mellerstain House before the Easter opening here. There's been some west wing roof repairs going on since about October, 2009, and a gigantic marquee covered the whole of this part of the house. Tons and tons of scaffolding had first to be erected and then covered in by canvas to make this huge tent-like structure.

Health and safety regulations are, no doubt, a pre-requisite for this type of work on the roof of the wing.

The Haddington family had to endure the noise and a virtual black-out of natural light during the months of building work. It is now drawing to a rapid close and should be completely done and dusted before the Easter weekend opening to the public.

The adverse weather conditions during this winter period did not help! However, the builders and workmen managed to get it all finished in time; jolly good work chaps!


Star said...

If we get another winter like this one, Lord and Lady H. will be glad they've had that roof repaired and renovated.
Do you live in Mellerstain House too?
The snowdrops are lovely aren't they.
Blessings, Star

PhilipH said...

Hello Stella. I used to live in the east wing of Mellerstain but retired a few years ago to live in a cottage on the estate now. Hate to think what the cost of all the work on the west wing is. Quite a few hundred Ks no doubt.

Land of shimp said...

Ah, the Earth awakens and the Spring brings back color.

Helllloooo, Philip :-) I was very pleased to see the Flossie is still a going concern. Isn't she the dog whose owner decamped to Canada for a bit? Has she got her person back yet?

I'll have to share your Spring for the moment, Philip. Ours is still considering a start to the proceedings.

A goodness, what a terrible amount of noise and mess that remodeling must have made! Just the rubbish rattling down the big tube was enough to make me want to scamper away. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end, but hopefully everyone concerned was able to take substantial breaks from the mess.

PhilipH said...

Helllloooo your self Alane. Yes, Flossie the wonder dog (she's still wondering where Louise the midwife has got to)is doing very well. Louise, the owner, is now in New Zealand having moved on from Canada about three months ago. Still on the organic farm volunteer work and she should be back home in a few weeks. Lovely Flossie will be ecstatic when Louise returns.

The Bug said...

Welcome back Phillip! We thought spring had arrived here, but alas, there was snow on the ground this morning. It's mostly gone thank goodness.

Argent said...

Halloo! Glad to see you back in action with the Flip again. Very much enjoyed the update.

the walking man said...

Looks like a good time to be in the construction trades near Mellerstain at the very least,

Barry said...

You really don't get a sense of the scope of the renovation without watching the video.

I enjoyed the tour Philip!

A human kind of human said...

Hi Phillip, what a nice surprise to find your post after the long absence. All that renovation must have been quite distressing to the Lord and Lady, but I am sure they will be happy with the end result.