Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A Walk on the Wild Side on a Wet August Day

I went for a walk around Mellerstain House this afternoon with my new toy, a Flip video thingy. After traipsing all round the main gardens, looking for Gordon Low, the gardener, I eventually found him in the old tea-cottage.

This tiny two-roomed cottage was built in circa 1840 and at one point housed one of the house-keeping ladies!

The Flip Ultra video is cheap and cheerful. It is very, very simple to use. Just a big red button to push when you want to start and stop. Plugs directly into a USB port to transfer clips onto the laptop/pc. Basic editing stuff included.

I may be trying to upload a few more clips later on. OK, OK, you don't have to watch! It's not compulsory. ;-)


Angelina said...

Brings a whole new angle to blogging doesn't?


Lynn said...

I couldn't stop watching! How wonderful to have my own guided tour of a lovely garden. Please post more. I'd love to see more of the garden and listen to your beautiful English accent.

The Bug said...

Ditto Lynn! Loved it!

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

Very good first video. I just love the gardens and thatched roofs.

the walking man said...

Lovely small view Philip of Mellerstain House and a wee bit of the garden (and gardener).

You should read books for the blind. Put them on a disc for them who can not read. I would personally like to hear you read some Dickens.

You do know that from what you have put up here of your life there is a book in there don't you? I am certain that some local author would love to chronicle the life of a Croydon boy.

Pauline said...

well that was a delightful little walk - what was that the gardener said to you?

PhilipH said...

Your comments are much appreciated.

Now I've got a new little toy I'll try to operate it a bit better. For such a cheapo price I don't expect to be the next Cecile B. DeMille and I don't know yet how to prevent the noise of the blustery wind from making such a racket.

Pauline: I don't know what Gordon the Gardener said, but it probably would have been unprintable! He doesn't yet know his place, but I'll sort him out in time.;-)

Land of shimp said...

Oh, I've missed all sorts of developments! What a lovely video, and what a fun new toy, Philip.

I particularly like the towering hedges/shrubbery right before the cottage. For a moment it looked as if you were visiting some grand home, and then there was the charming cottage.

I'm off to watch more. What a treat! Thank you, Philip.