Friday, 22 April 2016

Europe - In or Out?

The USA is having a big vote soon, the Brits are also soon to have one: European referendum. 

Each is an important vote. The US Presidential is important because some of the candidates seem, to me, to be uniquely 'odd' - no names, no pack-drill, eh Donald?

The UK's vote to stay in or leave the EU is a tricky one too.

Do we continue to be governed by Brussels or revert to the British Parliament? 

Lots of scare-mongering as to what will be the outcome if we depart the EU, including advice from Mr. Obama and many others.  

I admit that I'm unsure of which way to jump. I detest the interference from the EU when they over-rule some of the British legal decisions and wish they'd keep their noses OUT.  I also think that the vast majority of Brits think the same, but is that a good enough reason to exit?  Probably not. 

Then there's the continuing expansion of the EU.  It started with about seven member states.  General de Gaulle always objected to Britain's entry but he's long gone. Now it's 28 members and the prospect of Turkey joining!

All with unlimited entry to the UK.  Yoiks!

I think I'll decide soon: probably LEAVE EU.

OK, I've decided.  Voting to say LEAVE.

Thank you for helping me decide. Thanks!