Sunday, 13 January 2013

Marley - Soppy Sloppy Doge de Bordeaux

Andy is my hard-working son-in-law, devoted husband to my daughter Clare.  Marley is one of the family pets. A six-year old Doge de Bordeaux with a lovely nature - who just loves to play, especially with Andy.

I love this sloppy-chops dog.  He is so joyously welcoming. Each time I approach the large gate he stands upright, front paws on the top of the gate, wagging his tail so hard I fear it might fly off!

As I enter the gate he shoots away to bring his 'tug-o-war' rope loop with fixed ball.  He so enjoys this game where I try to wrench this plaything from his iron-grip jaws.  I think he would play this simple game for as long as I could muster the strength - and I'd never win.

My daughter has other pets: a chameleon; a bearded dragon lizard; a fair-sized snake; a chinchilla; a tankfull of colourful fishes and a goodly supply of live locusts (to feed the lizards).

The two children also have their own lizard pets. 

I never know what new exotic creature might suddenly appear in this menagerie, but NOTHING would surprise me now.