Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Daughter, Brain Tumour, The Brainstrust

My beautiful and talented daughter, Clare, is managing extremely well - after a traumatic year or more of peaks and troughs in her battle with a brain tumour and the onset of epilepsy.

She was helped in no small measure by a wonderful lady, Helen, who created the charity Brainstrust.

This organisation has but one aim in life: to help and comfort all those who have been diagnosed with such tumours. 

Clare is now trying to give something to Brainstrust and has organised a raffle for one of her unique Fairytasia sculptures. 

Clare aims to raise at least £250 via £2 raffle tickets.  Once the £250 target has been achieved Clare will draw the raffle and the winner will receive the sculpture.

Donations (raffle tickets), via the charitable "Just Giving" website,  is Clare's preferred way of handling this as it is a dedicated,  trusted and straightforward way of operating this undertaking.

Clare's sculptures have sold for over £500 in recent years and £250 is a fair average for this particular creation.

Please have a look at this link: and anything you can do to help Clare to help Brainstrust will be greatly appreciated.