Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Marley Moo - The Big Sleep

My daughter Clare had to take the terrible step of having her wonderful Dogue de Bordeaux put to sleep.  He had a bad growth on his back leg and his hips were troubling him too.  He was seven and a half years old.  This is a good old age for this breed but he still acted like a puppy at times. 
He had a wonderful loving nature.  He looked fierce but he was as gentle as a lamb. He just loved to play tug-of-war with a toy; to charge after a ball thrown in the yard. 
Clare is heartbroken yet knows there was no option.  It's all very well to say "You have to be cruel to be kind" but it's so difficult to follow that adage when it comes to the crunch.
Xmas 2013
These are Clare's words:
​Kenmileven Red Dragon (aka Marley Moo:    06/04/07-14/10/14)

Sixteen long hours we have now been apart
Nothing in the world will heal my heart
I know there was no choice, I had to let you go
But I'd give anything to have you back here you know

My sweet gentle giant always wanting to please
You took your last walk with us amongst the trees
No matter how poorly you would wag your tail
But on the last day, you tried but it failed

With one hour left, the clock ticking down
Your last act of bravery had my heart on the ground
You tried to play ball one more time with a fight
But two seconds later you were out like a light

Did you know Marley Moo when you got in the car
That it'd be your last journey too short, yet too far?
The wind in your face breathing in every scent
With that wise old look we both knew what it meant

The time has arrived, I don't want you to leave!
Such pain in my heart, I'm struggling to breathe!
You took your last breath still so dignified
I buried my face in your neck as I cried

I love you so much Moo, can't believe that you're gone
This house is so lifeless, it's empty, it's wrong
I don't want to cry as I know that you'd hate it
But I'm dying inside at the moment, I can't take it

You were the best ever Dogue, such a precious boy
You filled out our lives full of laughter and joy
I hope you're OK now, having fun and pain free
Deep in our hearts, forever you'll be

Miss you so much Gummy Bear
Love Mummy, Daddy, Jake and Ellie