Sunday, 15 August 2010

Fun Guy ... Sort of

On my way to get some victuals and stuff from Tesco's in Galashiels I took a short ride through the grounds of Mellerstain and spotted some interesting-looking fungi.

One can often find a variety of such stuff growing all over the estate. When I lived in the east wing of the house here we had a group come every year, usually about September/October, on what they called a 'fungi foray'. I used to collect some mushrooms, which I knew were perfectly safe to eat, and very tasty they were too.


willow said...

I don't know enough about fungi to know which are safe to eat, and which aren't. It is a shame, since we have quite a big growing around the manor. This look like they would be quite succulent!

Warm wishes to Pat. Hope she's feeling better.

The Bug said...

Funky stuff! Looks like corsages for trolls to me :)

Argent said...

This is where google needs a way of you showing it a picture and it coming back with matching images so you can find out what things are. Very interesting but I wouldn't dare eat it (the Trolls might be annoyed for one thing).

Pauline said...

can't identify that one but I just learned about "fairy barf" - a lichen that grows in the pacific Northwest. Maybe this is troll barf?

Land of shimp said...

Hello Philip, how are you? I hope Pat's recovery from her surgery well, and that things have settled down a bit for all around you.

The fungi formations were indeed wondrous things to behold. Rob (my husband) will often notice things like that and say, "Nice world you have here."

Nice world you have there, Philip.

Part of the reason I took a bit of a break from blogging did have to do with Barry, by the way. It felt so odd to be so genuinely sad about the loss of someone who lived for me in words.

So I took the summer to grasp the season. Hopefully you're doing the same.

Hope to see you again, you're a fun guy (seriously, can't believe I'm the only one that took that opportunity :-) )

the walking man said...

Soup. Fried, boiled and grilled. Fungi enough for all.

Jude said...

I'm in love with mushrooms. So many ways to cook 'em and they're all so very good!