Thursday, 30 July 2009

Off to Lincolnshire for a long weekend.

On Friday 31 July we shall be driving down to see my youngest daughter Clare and the two grandchildren, Jake and Ellie. It's a long car journey but will be worth it.

And another thing: our private water supply has sprung a serious leak! We are reduced to using bottled water for drinking and cooking etc., as the normal supply has to be fixed. It may take a couple of days.

So, off we jolly well go to Lincolnshire for a short while. Looking forward to seeing Clare, Jake, Ellie and the man of the house, Andy.

By the way, my daughter is a great artist and makes her living by sculpting one-of-a-kind fantasy dolls, such as faeries and things. She sells on commission and via eBay. If you care to see some of her work check out her website: and see what a clever and talented daughter we are blessed with.


the walking man said...

You and the missus travel well and safely Philip. have a good visit.

Land of shimp said...

Have a good trip, and a lovely visit! Also, evidently you should enjoy running water while you can. Ah, the joys of home ownership, eh?

DUTA said...

You have indeed a nice looking , talented daughter (checked her website).

Have a nice weekend at your daughter's place!

PhilipH said...

Back home today, Monday 3rd Aug.
Long delays on the A1 at the Gateshead area and the "joys of motoring" was an example of an oxymoron!

Avoided this bottleneck, which is caused by bridge repairs, by taking the A68 at Darlington. This was a picturesque and troublefree ride home.

Thanks for your kind comments, Duta, Shimp and Mark.

Pauline said...

wow! Your daughter's work is amazing. You must be very proud. Enjoy your visit!

PhilipH said...

Hi Pauline,
Yes, Clare is highly talented and completely self-taught. She stumbled across a couple of eBay items (faeries) and was surprised at the prices being paid, so she had a go herself.

At one point she achieved over £500 for one small sculpture, just a few inches high, from a collector in the USA.

With two small children Clare found the perfect way to earn some money without having to leave her home.

Very very proud of her.


Barry said...

We're off to visit my daughter in Guelph today. A much shorter trip than yours.

Enjoy the journey and the visit!

Jo said...

Have a wonderful visit with your family. Safe journey!


PhilipH said...

Thank you, Barry and Jo.

Back in the Borders now; weather just great. Journey was great, even tho the A1 holdups were not so wunnerful.

Still, can't complain; does nada anyway.