Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lording it up

Interview over. We left the curator's office in the east wing of Mellerstain and entered the east courtyard. The tea-room was open; we went in and had a coffee. It would take us almost three hours to drive back to Lincolnshire and I was in no hurry to set off.

We were just about to leave the tea-room for a stroll around the gardens when the factor came in. "Oh, so glad I caught you before you go; we haven't paid your travelling expenses. How much are they?"

I hadn't considered it. Nobody had said we would be re-imbursed. "I don't really know ... " I replied.

"Well, here's £50 for petrol. Should cover it don't you think?" said the factor, handing me five ten pound Scottish notes. "If it's any more just let the curator know before you leave. Oh, and by the way, Lord Haddington says that if you want the position it's yours!"

I was so surprised. Totally unexpected to be offered the job in this manner.

"Well yes" I replied, after recovering my speech. "Yes, we'd certainly love to take the job."

"When could you start?" asked the factor. "The present chap and his wife will be retiring in September, when the visitor season is finished for the year. October would be a good time for us.." he went on.

"And for us too!" I replied.

So that was it. It would be a hectic two months or so before we took up our new life in Scotland but we were certainly up for it.

We drove back home; a home that would soon be history. It was almost dreamlike. Everything was happening so speedily and yet so smoothly. Yet it was all real. Not a dream at all but something I'd often dreamed of was actually happening...


DUTA said...

Congratulations! You did it.
Good Luck with your new job and new dwelling place!

PhilipH said...

Thanks Duta,

That interview was back in 1995 and we're still living on Lord Haddington's estate and still love the place.

Regards, Phil

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Don't miracles like that happen sommtimes? Sense of unreality.

PhilipH said...

Very true Ivan, very true.

the walking man said...

What a finely told tale. I am so pleased to have made your acquaintance sir.

PhilipH said...

Good morning squire Mark. Thanks very much for paying a visit to the portals of Mellerstain.


Cheers, Phil

Pauline said...

How interesting! You never know what life will hand you. Thanks for stopping by my blogs and commenting. Mellerstain House is splendid. Thanks for the link. I could happily live in the West Lodge! My own cottage here in New England is one large room divided by furniture but it suits.

PhilipH said...

Thanks Pauline, just seen that photo of Lora at 101. That's a great achievement and she still looks so good.


Anonymous said...

So you live in a stately manor, now? How cool is that? When's the party?

PhilipH said...

Sorry Dave, you're a tad too late! After a few years living in the east wing of Mellerstain I took a small "farm cottage" a short distance from the mansion house, but still on the estate. A great way to spend the rest of my life.