Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Favourite and Saddest Song

I dunno what's got me so reflective of late. Getting older I guess.

Whilst hopping through Twitter this evening I came across an item asking what was a favourite song of parting.  I had no hesitation in putting my details and choice onto this site.

This song is very old (like me) and tells the story of someone dying in hospital who has written a note to his beloved ... saying that he could not bear to have her with him as he dies.

There are many artistes who have recorded this song but none as well as Matt Monro.

Forgive me for being so ... err sad.


PhilipH said...

Matt - the singing bus driver - was England's best male singer. And that's not just MY opinion. Frank Sinatra also made a similar comment a number of years ago.

Matt died far too early in his life, leaving his wife and family devastated. This song was made for HIM. I love all his recordings but this one has to be my favourite.

Fram Actual said...

For sure it is a beautiful song, Phil. I recall the name of Matt Monro and I remember hearing the song, although I cannot recall if it was Monro's version or Frank Sinatra's rendition or one by someone else that lingers in my mind.

Being sort of a film fanatic, I am near-certain I remember this song being used in a movie, but I cannot recall what movie it might have been or who might have sung it there. In any case, it was nice hearing this song again and I am glad you posted it.

All Consuming said...

I can't listen at present, too sad, but I know he has a beautiful voice, and a little reflection is no bad thing sometimes. I wanted to say hello from here too *smiles and waves* Xx

Sparkling Red said...

Ah yes. When my grandfather was on his deathbed, my grandmother (Bubbe, appearing in my latest blog post), sat by him every day. He waited until she had nodded off for a short nap in her chair, then softly slipped away.

ANITA said...

Beautiful song Philip!!Death is always sad.A week ago I was in my best friend husband funeral.He died at age 50.Just suddenly out of the blue.A big heartattack.I quess we never know whats happen between sunrise and night
it was nice for me to listen to this.
Thank you for sharing Philip
A big hug Anita

PhilipH said...

Thanks Fram, Michelle, Sparkling and Anita.

Fram, Sinatra has recorded this and it's great, as is all of Frank's recordings. He once named Matt Monro as his favourite male vocalist.

Elvis Presley has also made a recording of this song where he narrates the story and another singer actually sings in between. Again, it is an interesting Elvis version.

Since putting this post up I cannot get this song out of my head; most annoying!

Snowbrush said...

I like Matt Monro, but my favorite would probably be this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHcunREYzNY

PhilipH said...

You're like millions of others, especially those who lived through WW2.

This national treasure is only two years short of 100 and I reckon she deserves a state funeral when Dame Vera finally departs this disaster prone world of ours.

She lives alone; her hubby (a musician in the RAF band)died in 1991 so they probably just made it to their golden wedding. Her only child, Virginia, now lives next door to Vera in Sussex and must be almost 70 now.

Snowbrush said...

I was feeling sad about not getting to your most recent post(s) in a timely manner, but I see that there are no recent posts, so now I’m sad about that.

Love you, my friend.

PhilipH said...

There is not much I care to blog about at this time of the year, Snowy. It is my least favourite time of the year, my Ebenezer Scrooge type of time, without the end transformation from miserable old git to ecstatic old git. This 'festive' season is a joy to kids and to boozers. And to credit card companies who rub their hands in joyful glee as the money is squandered, yes squandered, on stuff that is mostly crap.

Happy New Year!

Snowbrush said...

Philip, anti-depressants help. Seriously, they do, and the worse you feel, the better they work. Peggy loves Xmas, winter, and snow (which seldom falls in the valley here, but falls by the foot in the nearby mountains), while I like Xmas if it’s kept simple, but hate winter and snow. I also hate the constant cloudiness and drizzle as well as the short days. I would even say that I’m miserable most winters, but the Lexapro has helped so much that I’m really not objecting to this winter. BTW, Peggy hates summer and sunshine while I love both. The difference between winter and summer here is like the difference between two different planets.