Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Look Back to 2009

A link to the past.

Hope it works!


Fram Actual said...

The link worked just fine !!

I read the posts concerning the Mellerstain estate and watched your videos, Philip. I think you were fortunate to work and to live there -- the history and the beauty combine for a romantic/elegant/fascinating setting. I enjoyed both reading and listening to your descriptions.

An unavoidable flaw of sorts with where I live is that recorded history -- other than for a few French fur traders and assorted explorers -- only extends back about two hundred years. I grew up in a town which observed only its seventy-fifth year of existence while I still was in high school. History and tradition are brief.

You evidently were more prolific regarding your blog just a few years ago. I hope you will continue to be attentive toward it now.

PhilipH said...

Thanks Fram. Mellerstain was, and still is, a beautiful and interesting part of the UK. Scotland and England have a long and often bloody history but in recent years it's been very peaceful. Very different from the 17th and 18th centuries of course. The various 'towers' dotted around Scotland, specifically in the Border areas, are reminders of those days when "the Reivers" were marauding ad lib.

Visiting these 'towers' is a must for any tourist. Smailholm tower is preserved and one can discover a lot about those bad old days when towers were built to house a family and a community in relative safety. I stood on the roof area of Smailholm and could see for miles around, a perfect sentry post to guard against any attack by a band of Reivers. These murderous groups would steal anything and anybody, especially the women and kill others with their death-dealing swords. Not quite like the so-called Islamic States bastards but near enough!

ANITA said...

Goodmorning Philip!

Great blog!I will continue reading it.About your music..I love it!

Hope your day will be fine and thank you very much for visiting me

Greetings Anita.

PhilipH said...

Good to meet you Anita. I visited your blog via Fram Actual and was interested to discover more. Norway ... in many ways similar to the UK. You have a monarch, King Harald, we have a monarch Queen Elizabeth ... both have a Germanic link. You have some great musical, classical, folk and modern.

Do you live in Oslo? I used to live in London but wouldn't want to nowadays. Far too crowded and expensive.


Sparkling Red said...

I do enjoy a good folly. Too bad we don't construct many of them in the present day.

Marianne Kearns said...
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Marianne Kearns said...
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