Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Beautiful Woman, Wonderful Voice.

Lara Fabian.  A vision of beauty.  Beyond compare.

This is something I posted a few years ago and think another outing and listen is due. 

The song is highly emotional.  Not to watch if you're in a sad mood, unless you're very brave.

At one point she sings with NO orchestral backing and if you don't have a tear in your eye as she takes the huge applause then you're stronger than I.

Watch in full screen if you can.

Lara is emotionally drained at the end of this powerful song.


Fram Actual said...

I played it twice, Philip. The first time, I watched Lara Fabian's performance. The second time, I read the English translation of the lyrics. In a conceptual sense, I think the song would have more meaning for me and impact on me if I were equipped to understand French better than I do.

The melody and the singer are wonderful and, for sure, the singer is beautiful/beautiful/beautiful and her presentation superbly emotional.

As for the despair found in the lyrics, it reaches a depth I have never known personally and have a difficult time even imagining. Before I go on endlessly analyzing, what struck me the most is a wish to be able to interview (separately) the pair who composed the song -- Serge Lama and Alice Dona -- regarding its creation.

I am glad you posted it, Philip .... thank you ....

PhilipH said...

Thanks Fram. This lovely woman is now a Mum, with a daughter named Lou. I wonder if some of Lara's emotional impact derives in some way by her own past life. She has a few relationships and split-ups. She lived in Canada for a while, so she has had more than one home. All I hope is that she is happy and well and stays that way.

What a fantastic woman. What a voice. I adore her.

Sparkling Red said...

Woo, that's intense! Her voice is outstanding. I enjoyed being able to read both French and English subtitles, so that I could half listen in French and half cheat by reading the English. It's a little bit tough to catch all the words in French, which is a rather distant second language for me.