Sunday, 13 January 2013

Marley - Soppy Sloppy Doge de Bordeaux

Andy is my hard-working son-in-law, devoted husband to my daughter Clare.  Marley is one of the family pets. A six-year old Doge de Bordeaux with a lovely nature - who just loves to play, especially with Andy.

I love this sloppy-chops dog.  He is so joyously welcoming. Each time I approach the large gate he stands upright, front paws on the top of the gate, wagging his tail so hard I fear it might fly off!

As I enter the gate he shoots away to bring his 'tug-o-war' rope loop with fixed ball.  He so enjoys this game where I try to wrench this plaything from his iron-grip jaws.  I think he would play this simple game for as long as I could muster the strength - and I'd never win.

My daughter has other pets: a chameleon; a bearded dragon lizard; a fair-sized snake; a chinchilla; a tankfull of colourful fishes and a goodly supply of live locusts (to feed the lizards).

The two children also have their own lizard pets. 

I never know what new exotic creature might suddenly appear in this menagerie, but NOTHING would surprise me now.


the walking man said...

One of my dogs is like Marley except she'd have that ring rope destroyed in under 30 minutes.

PhilipH said...

Hey Mark! Wouldn't it be fun to set up a REAL big-dog tug-o-war, Marley vs your Lady? Uhh, maybe not - in case Marley (being the perfect gentledog) would let Lady win ... for purely sporting reasons of course ... hmm, hmm.

Cloudia said...

You live in a suburb of heaven. Thanks for letting us inside for a restorative moment. And thanks so for gracing my comments forum.

The Bug said...

My goodness - he makes me think of Fang from the Harry Potter books (not really, he's not quite THAT big - ha!).

Snowbrush said...

She has everything but a cat, eh? Nope, no bird, I see, so she has everything but a cat and a bird. I loved the accents.

Snowbrush said...

The accents are fun. I never hear them except on TV.

PhilipH said...

Two nations divided by a common language and, it seems, by uncommon accents!
Thanks Snowy, keeping well I hope.

Lorna said...

Marley reminds me of my labrador retriever, Cheyenne, who drew her last breath in October of 2012. Thank you for reminding me of the fun and incredible graciousness of a dog. I actually can't quite trust a person who has an aversion to dogs (who weren't bitten or attacked by one in the past, of course).


Snowbrush said...

What! No cat?