Wednesday, 6 January 2010

EssEnOhDubya Spells ? What ? Guess!!

Wednesday 6th January 2010 - and it does not get any better weatherwise.

14 inches deep now, and the forecast is that this wintry spell could last for over a week. Shades of 1947 are turning into firm reality. This will be a terrible time for many isolated, old and infirm people in the UK.

Apparently, according to a met., expert, there is a large area of high pressure centered over the UK. This is somehow blocking the normal and mild Gulf stream and allowing the Siberian freezing weather to take over. I thought the Russians would be at the bottom of this! Gas supplies are said to be running low, only seven days left! How accurate is this I wonder? Not that we have gas central heating but millions have.

I am going to send a strongly worded email of complaint to whomsoever is concerned with this freeze up. It's simply not GOOD ENOUGH!


willow said...

Oh, what lovely, lovely snow! It's not unusual for us to get that much snow here in Ohio, but it certainly is rare in your neck of the woods. Stay safe and warm, my friend.

the walking man said...


In response to your email inquiring about your weather conditions I must politely decline to change the upper atmospheric streams as I would then have to blow through Detroit, Michigan USA.

Sir even though I have been there many times in past years, the situation has deteriorated too much for me to risk my safety there.


The Weather.

PhilipH said...

Willow m'dear, would you care for some of ours? I'll be more than happy to oblige. How shall I package it? ;-)

Mark, I cannot believe it! You have the power to change this and yet you decline? so to do.
Is this how it is to be? All I can say is: 'I'm disappointed'.

thistledew'ama said...

I told you not to let the Gods know what your plans are, I can hear them laughing from here!
Glad you are surviving, I have been digging my way out of 3ft deep snow surrounding our house, Meghan my dog thinks it is wonderful- but for me, after 3 weeks of this the novelty is wearing a bit thin.
Keep well ,regards
David , Thistledew

thistledew'ama said...

I told you not to let the Gods know what your plans are, I can hear them laughing from here!
Glad you are surviving, I have been digging my way out of 3ft deep snow surrounding our house, Meghan my dog thinks it is wonderful- but for me, after 3 weeks of this the novelty is wearing a bit thin.
Keep well ,regards
David , Thistledew

thistledew said...

Don`t know what happened then, this keyboard has a mind of its own sometimes

Barry said...

I can understand how dangerous the snow is, even life threatening to some.

But in your video it is beautiful, just beautiful.

PhilipH said...

David, glad your hound is enjoying it - but, as you say, it's wearing thin now. If only it would just stop for a day or two to help us out of this pretty (awful) spell.

Barry, I bet you've been through all this weathery stuff over the years in your picturesque part of the globe. You're right about the dangers of it. There are many older folk who will not survive if they were to need an ambulance. Travel for at least a mile or so around the cottages and estate is out of the question. Fingers crossed for a bit of respite from the blizzardly stuff soon.

Shadow said...

gosh, yes, i agree. enough is enough. hope the email helps, heee hee heeee

The Bug said...

We're expecting some sort of storm during rush hour in the morning (oh joy!) - we'll see if it lives up to the hype. Hope not!

Your title immediately made me think of the Snow song from White Christmas - Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen...

Argent said...

The snow looks lovely but I daresay you're pretty sick of it now. We've had a mild sprinkling in comparison - just an inch or two. Stay warm and well.

Land of shimp said...

Oh Philip, I'm with you, snow that doesn't let up, or clear off after a few days stops being so lovely to look at, and instead becomes worrying. I'm wishing you a substantial thaw, for both your sake and the neighbors.

In the meantime, I will tell you the only vaguely amusing story I have about weathermen. Like you, I've worked a lot of different jobs, and at one point worked for an environmental engineering firm, helping them prepare reports.

This firm had a softball team (bit like baseball, only a larger ball, same idea though) and played other firms. Now umpires for this are paid, and it is one way they make money, calling corporate softball games, but if a game is called before the fourth inning, they don't get paid.

As a result umps are loath to call a game before four innings have been played, and instead call for a delay, a rain delay, a snow delay, where everyone stands around and glares at the weather. At one of the firms games it began to pour, just bucketing down. Ark building alert sort of rain, but it was the third inning and the ump would rather they all drown than not get paid. This goes on for close to an hour and the engineers are heckling the poor umpire at this point.

"C'mon, Ump. What're you waiting for? A flash flood to sweep us all away? Call the game all ready." One player starts, and the rest start chiming in.

"You hoping to shrink in this rain?"

"Are you part duck? Let us go."

Usually the umpires just ignore this but finally the umpire turns around and says, "Shut up! I'll call the game, if I feel like calling the game. What are you? Unless you're a bunch of meteorologists, shut up!"

"As a matter of fact..." the team captain pointed to his chest, "I am a meteorologist. So's he, so's she, so's he, and so's he. Read.The.Company.Name."

The ump called the game and everyone dispersed. They hadn't even gotten to the parking lot before it stopped raining.

The Weathermen are never, ever right. Don't trust them.

PhilipH said...

Alane! The umpires got the hump eh what? And wet!

Actually, I blame the weather forecasters. They all seem to be smiling broadly as they tell us how many more inches of snow will hit us tonight! Yes, it's all their fault, and I blame them. Why can't they now say that the snow will move off tonight and we can go to bed feeling happy? Then, in the morning, we can curse them for getting it wrong again. And that would make us feel better.

Yes, I know, I've gone completely mad. Nonsensical. Orf me trolley. It's all this sunshine and hot weather; it seems to affect me like this.

Still, some light relief this evening. A farm worker brought a tractor around to our snowbound roads, front and back of the cottages, and he ploughed a gap through. I opened my back door to find a mound of snow about four feet high! Had to dig out a narrow path with a dustpan to get to the flattened snow bit; then to my garage to get a shovel. This is now in my small entrance hall, ready to attack the further promised snowfall overnight. Byee...

Cliff W said...

Just watching the BBC news of the Big Freeze and wanted to wish you and Pat the best. Keep each other nice and warm!!

the walking man said...

I don't want to but you have guilted me into it...give it a day or so.

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